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Feb 04,  · My droid won't enter text (aka, "won't type"). Touch screen seems to work fine, launching apps, etc. T-Mobile - Answered by a verified Cell Phone Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Aug 01,  · Write with the help of hand (or variety) a letter consisting of the justifications you reported above. you're disillusioned and necessary to have contact with your relatives to ensure what is going on. bypass into data. you're sorry you broke the rules and could not do it back. you would like the cellular telephone lower back yet are keen to attend out in spite of time it is going to take for them to go back 1abgowel.cfers: 2. To type a letter on your computer and then print it out, if you don’t have Microsoft Word, then your computer should have a basic program such as WordPad or NotePad. You will also need a working printer with ink cartridges.


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Sep 11,  · If the communication is through the Internet you can type in letters and numbers using the QWERTY keyboard. 2. The letters are there because that is the way it is on dial phones and then on touch tone phones. Jul 08,  · Dialing Letters. With the iphone 4. How do you dial a letter (i.e. dial a phone number that is spelled out, like dial-now). Also how do you enter letters into the phone number field when setting up a contact who provides you with a phone number made of letters? Thanks. Mar 06,  · Half the time on Facebook my Surface Type Cover 2 won't let me use the letter k. Entries start with a capital letter, then the cursor moves back, various letters won't type and .

how can i type a letter on my phone


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EU Razr Maxx running Android 4. When calling someone and are asked to enter my post code I cannot find how to enter letters instead of numbers in the dialer. It has the letters shown in grey on each pad but can find find no way to switch to these letters.


The last fourth digit was an alphabet. So, I didnt know how to type the alphabet on how can i type a letter on my phone dial pad, how can i type a letter on my phone. Infact, there was no option at all in any android phones. This is something that creates confusion for the people think that they can type alphabet as it is seen on dial pad but the option not available. I think this is the one which the developers can look into and build something which can be more helpful when things like confirmation calls require.

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how can i type a letter on my phone

Best Answer Recently I had a telecaller verification from one of the mobile network company. Initially there will be some voice recorded to state press 1 for switching language options etc. Later for the call to get connected there was a voice stated to enter the last four digits of my PAN card as a proof that I had submitted.