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I ran into acute problems with that on my iPhone. Instead, I started a music subscription with rdio. Since rdio requires a monthly fee this is not the cheapest solution, but it is a way better value than buying devices with higher storage capacities.

Well, because I actually took the time and researched it, how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is. And guess what: what most people will tell you about how to speed up your iPad — closing apps and rebooting the device — will in most cases not help a bit.

How fast it ran? How snappy it was? Yeah, those were the days. For me, these days how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is long over; I am still rocking a first gen iPad that is getting a little old after more than three years of great use. But why upgrade when it still works? In this post, I am sharing 7 simple tricks how you can speed up your iPad and iPhone to squeeze some more life out of it. I am not pretending that this will make your old iPad act like a new one.

Tip 6: Turn off indexing Another great way to take some burden off your iPad is to give it a break indexing content on your iPad. Now the thing is: How often do you really need to search your emails or contacts on a global level? When I am searching for an email, I search from Mail. When I am searching for a contact, I open Contacts. If this sounds like you, then switch off Spotlight Search for all items except Applications.


how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is


Tip 4: Turn off notifications This is a great but little know tip! Many apps, when first launched, ask you whether you want them to notify you about important updates and other stuff. Get rid of these notifications in order to free up resources. In Settings, how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is, go to Notification and clear out all the apps like in the screenshot. You will be also still reminded of upcoming events in iCal, provided that you have scheduled an alert.

Is your iPad running slow? Check out these seven simple tips to impressively speed up your iPad. How to NOT speed up your iPad You have heart this before: close down apps in the multitasking bar and restart your iPad in order to speed it up. Often, nothing will even change in the short term.

There are some physical limits on what an older model can do. In my books, this is a huge win, because I am able to wait out another entire iPad generation before upgrading. I know what you are thinking: You have seen posts like this before, so how is this one different?

The idea that closing all apps in the multitasking bar would free up massive resources in working memory is just a myth. You can read my more detailed post in order to get the full picture, but trust me on this: Generally speaking, it is not worth how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is effort, how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is. There are a few exceptions: Apps that perform background tasks pretty much limited to email apps, GPS apps, active music apps, Skype and other VoIP apps can be closed down via the multitasking bar in order to free up working memory.

Apr 10,  · Find out how to tell if your iPad mini is charging correctly and what you can do if it isn’t. You certainly won’t be the first person whose iPad is not charging or won’t charge. But when you’re having trouble, or if your iPad mini says ‘Not charging’, it can be tricky to know what the cause is. Mar 09,  · All replies. Your 1st gen iPad Mini is the functional and hardware equivalent of the, now, 7 year old iPad 2 (2nd generation). Both have only a 1 GHz CPU and only a paltry MBs of RAM. The iPad 2, 3 and 1st generation iPad Mini are all ineligible and . Easy steps to find out your iPad model. Identifying the correct model of your iPad is simple. Offer prices to sell your iPad are based on iPad generation, carrier, and storage capacity. Step1. For all iPad models, except the iPad Mini and iPad Air, just look at the back of your iPad. You will see the Model number and Capacity printed at the bottom.

Tip 5: Turn off location services The next thing you want to turn off are location services. In Settings, go to Location Services on the left site. On the right site, you can either turn all location services off or you can decide this on a case-by-case basis.


Things you do once — and that work best The above tricks are mainly about reclaiming storage space and slimming down apps to run faster. The most important thing when it comes to speeding up an aging iPad, however, is to maximize available working memory RAM.

My first-gen iPad is not super fast now, but it is also not how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is sluggish any longer. Did these tips work for you? Do you have another great idea for how to speed up a slow iPad? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Please consider sharing this article if you found it useful.

Only if you are really running out of space, you can go through this list and see what hardly used apps gobble up all your storage space. This is for music lovers: If you are anyhow like me, your music library probably takes up a large part of your storage space.


Nov 10,  · If you are unclear on what storage capacity your iPad or iPad Mini holds then the best way to find out (other than checking the storage option under settings), is to turn your iPad over and take a look at the back. Near the bottom under the Apple logo, and under the words ‘iPad’ you will see “16GB”, “32GB” or “64GB”. The 4th generation iPad was a surprise release during the unveiling of the iPad Mini. This generation of iPad had the same features of the iPad 3 but included a much more powerful processor. Debuting in early November, it also changed the release cycle of the iPad, which . The iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and the iPad (5th Generation) are in great shape despite the iPad Air 2 having been out on the market for several years. The slightly confusing part here is Apple's decision to designate the newest iPad a "5th generation" despite the iPad Air .

Tip 1: Update to latest iOS Updating the firmware is always a good idea in order to get the latests features and security fixes. The device will check if a new iOS is available, and if so, will guide you through the process. Tip 2: Delete not-needed apps This tip is only relevant when you hardly have any disk space left — and I mean really no disk space left. Something in the order of less than 1 GB. In order to find out how much space you have left, go to the General tab in Settings and tap on Usage on the right side.

Whenever you visit how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is webpage, Safari will automatically save its content in its memory cache. The idea is that it will be faster to re-visit a webpage, but over time the browser cache fills up to an extent that it can slow down your browsing experience. Clearing the browser cache is something worth doing once every few weeks or months — depending on how much you are browsing around. Affirm by tapping Clear in the popup window.

How do I tell what iPad Mini model I have? - Ask Dave Taylor

To do this, go to Settings, General, and then Spotlight Search on the right side to uncheck all unwanted items. Tip 7: Multitasking Gestures One more thing you can switch off are the four-fingers multitasking gestures. This is where it begins to hurt a little bit in my opinion, since it is quote convenient to circling through the last used apps via four-finger swipes to the left and right.

You can read the full story on how I decided on how much storage I need on my iPad here. But back to the current topic: When you are running out of storage capacity, deleting some bigger apps or switching to a music subscription can speed up your iPad. Tip 3: Clear browser cache Your browser cache is another place where you can reclaim some storage space, which might result in slight speed improvements.

how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is

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Again, your efforts would be soon wasted. Things to do on a regular basis Following the seven tips described below are much more important to keep your iPad speedy. I tried them out with my first-gen iPad, and it is much snappier now! And even if you are working with a newer model — give them a try!


And if you have another minute to spare, you can support academiPad even more. Bonus tip: iMessage iPhone This is a bonus tip which obviously will only work for your iPhone: Clear out old text messages. I was impressed with the results. Inserting text on my iPhone 4 got horribly slow, and this tip gave me a real speed boost.

I personally only activate location services for Safari for local search resultsweather apps for getting the right weatherand obviously maps.

The next four tips tell you exactly how to maximzie working memory, so that you will enjoy a long-term speed enhancement. The good news is that these are settings which you only have to do once. Do it now, and then be done with it. I know that this is not cool, but these four simple things also offer the greatest results. And at the end, cutting down a little bit on the bells and whistles of iOS is a small price to pay when it means that I can use my device for another twelve months or longer.

And of course, if an app constantly crashes, closing it manually or rebooting your device can help. You can get the full info in my original post. For all other apps: relax. There is really no need to micro-manage your multitasking bar — iOS is doing this just fine. First of all, it will take you much longer than following my seven tips described below. And second, you probably revert back to the old sluggishness in no time if this is all you do, how can you tell what generation my ipad mini is.

More things you can do to speed up iPad Other things that have been reported to speed up sluggish iPads are to turn off keyboard Auto-Correction and Check Spelling in the Keyboard part of the General tab. The same is true with everything iCloud related. By switching off iCloud sync you can gain some working memory back, but this would really hurt.

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